1. What would I do if I received the wrong order ?

For inquiries of all orders and returns, please contact customer service via CUSTOMERSERVICE@FANCICLUB.COM ASAP before making changes on Paypal to ensure the least complicated/fastest solution.

RETURN FOR EXCHANGE POLICIES: It is Fancì Club’s mission and responsibility to help you to find your fit and proceed with your orders with utmost care. Therefore, we sincerely apologise if you have received the wrong or faulty orders. Click here for more information.

2. What if I want a refund/return the order?

For inquiries of all orders and returns/exchanges, please contact customer service via CUSTOMERSERVICE@FANCICLUB.COM ASAP before making changes on Paypal to ensure a least complicated/fastest solution. Click here for more information.

3. What if i want to cancel the order?

We only accept order cancellation request within 24
hours since your purchase. We will automatically reject
any request that did not meet this requirement.

4. What do I do after I place my order?

Please wait for 7 business days of studio prep + SHIPPING TIME. 

All orders are carefully, responsibly hand-made to fit you perfectly, so each order will go through up to 7 business days of making/preparation time until we hand your items to our carrier for shipping. The tracking number will be available from 2-3 days starting after the in-house preparation process. 

*Please ensure to provide the required measurements for custom order, and ensure all the shipping information, email, and contact number you provided are correct so that the process won’t meet a delay. Please check your email as we will contact you to inquire for missing information if needed (unless your contact information is unreachable). 

5. What if I need my order to arrive on certain date? 

Guaranteed delivery dates for items shipped in a timely manner and it’s the responsibilities of the shipping company and the buyer’s local courier.

Please note that these dates do not include dates a package is held requiring a signature for delivery; it is the buyer’s responsibility to be there or arrange to have an authorised agent signatures. 

Please send us an email/dm to confirm the target delivery date. We will only guarantee to deliver by the target date if the customers have previously contacted and have received confirmation from us. 

6. What if I want to customise the item? 

Please contact CUSTOMERSERVICE@FANCICLUB.COM to receive details regarding our custom policy. 

7. What can I do if  I need support?

We always welcome questions since it will help both parties avoid any unfortunate misunderstanding and confusion. Our customer service aim to resolve all customer queries and requests as soon as possible and to keep our customers informed throughout the process. However, due to an overload amount of request we receive everyday, please allow us 24 hours of responding to your request, except a slight delay on Sunday. This will ensure we can take care of every customer with our utmost care. We will try to reach you as fast as we can! 

We take all concern including sizing consultation before purchase, questions about material, design, and shipping process. Please do not hesitate to bring up your concerns before/during/and after your purchase to receive the quickest assistance from our team. 

Our customer service email: CUSTOMERSERVICE@FANCICLUB.COM

Our press email: PRESS@FANCICLUB.COM

Working time: Monday-Saturday (guaranteed response within 24 hours). Customers email on Sunday might expect a slight delay in response since the logistics and production team are out of office and will not be able to give the answer to your concern right away. 

8. Does Fancì Club ship to my country?

Yes, we do, wherever you are! Click here for more information.

9. How do I pay?

Fancì Club only accepts PayPal as an official payment method. However, you may be able to pay with credit/debit card via the platform, yet it might varies from different countries. 

10. Do I need to pay custom duty tax? 

Yes, it is the responsibility of the customer to fullfill the tax payment. Please contact the Customer Support team at customerservice@fanciclub.com to receive more details. 

11. Why does my tracking number not included in the shipping confirmation email?

When your order is shipped out, you will expect to receive the tracking number within 2-3 business days from the shipping confirmation email. However, there are cases where you will not see the tracking number in the email. This is because your order is shipped using Special Line delivery, which means your order is sent with air cargo to the destination country and uses local express shipping carrier or postal office for last mile delivery to speed up the delivery time. Hence, the tracking number will not be available since the local express shipping carrier do not provide it.

This shipping method will be applied to order from South East Asian countries (eg: Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, etc), but there might be exceptions. 

However, understanding that the customer’s need for the tracking information, we will try to work with the local carrier to get the tracking information. Yet please do understand it might not be possible for all the cases. 


12. How do I take care/store the jewellery?

For more information, please visit out jewellery care page for more details in the link here: https://fanciclub.com/fancis-jewellery-ca