Fancì’s Jewellery Care

All Fancì Club silver jewellery & custom metal accessories are genuine and hand-made locally by Vietnamese artisans. Silver is a highly sustainable metal material, as a natural element, it will react with the environment. Here are our guidelines for caring for your Fancì Club accessories metals. This can also be applied to any silver jewellery that you own.


Silver is a precious metal and needs looking after. This can be achieved by regular cleaning with a cloth in circular motions (please remember to wash hands afterwards). Cleaning can also be achieved with lukewarm water or a small amount of silver washing liquid and a soft toothbrush. Avoid using any silver dip cleaning products as they can harm stones and remove any intentional oxidisations.


Sterling silver and any metals do tarnish over time and regular cleaning along with a safe storage will prolong life and preserve freshness of your beloved jewellery piece. Make sure to apply perfume to your skin first and let it dry before accessorising with jewellery. Due to the strong chemicals in some soaps and detergents, you should also remove any jewellery before washing or cleaning. Jewellery that is stored properly can be shielded from airborne chemicals that cause tarnishing. We advise: 

– To maintain an airtight environment, store jewels in zipped plastic bags that are labelled food safe. Avoid using normal plastic or garbage bag because they contain sulfuric chemicals that hasten the tarnishing of metals.

– Keep your jewellery away from the bathroom because the humidity and sulfites in air fresheners will cause more oxidation.


All sterling silver will tarnish naturally over time, just like every other piece of silver jewellery you own. But when it comes into contact with substances like perfume, salty air, sulphur, skin creams, hairspray, chlorine, and an acidic sweat pH, it will happen much more quickly. The wearer’s sweat and maintenance practices have an impact on how much tarnishing (oxidisation) takes place. THEREFORE, TARNISHING IS NOT A MANUFACTURING FLAW. 


But even if your sterling silver has tarnished over time, you can easily restore and refresh it at home with products like baking soda in warm water, non-gel toothpaste and gentle toothbrush or silver washing liquid. To refurbish your silver at home, there are numerous DIY options. This is the appeal of precious metals as well as their capacity for sustainability.  

During usage, it is possible that your silver will accidentally react in ways you can’t fix on your own. In scenario where the DYI methods recommended above may not work, which is very uncommon; OR you just want to renew jewellery after long term use for freshness and are not into DIY, please visit a local silversmith to have your silver refinished & renewed. It is a common routine silver owners do to have their old silver professionally refinished and plated.