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Midnight Stray Thought

Dear darling, 

I love such velvet nights like today. As I’m lying on my bed, my mind was still encapsulated in our eternal classic dialogue, our precious time being together. While drowning deep in your eyes, my existence became lucid, my mind becomes enlightened by your truth. I learned to see through myself, to admit that our love is inevitable. Love flows in our blood vessels and infiltrates our faith. Our rendezvous is the orchestration of life’s creator. Beauty flourished in my eyes, life filled my soul. 

It’s been less than an hour but I have longed for your being. The fact I have experienced rebirth while listening to the songs you recommended to me is evidence, of a premonition of destiny. Today, I’d like to write you poems, to paint you yet there are no words, no colours to so do because there are so many other tangible forms of my love. Oh, my darling-


Dear Fancì babies,

Over the past few months, we have received a lot of support from you. It is truly a blessing to have your trust and love, and we have been working to our full capacity to keep up with the pace. As you might have known, our items are all made out of deadstock material, and it is running out very quickly due to the overdemand from our dear customers.

Even though we really do not want this to happen, we must extend our in-house preparation period from 7 business days to 14 business days. This will ensure we can take care of every order carefully, as well as having enough time to restock the material. However, we promise to make and deliver the item as fast as we can and with the fullest of our ability.

Once again, we sincerely apologise if this new policy is causing your inconvenience.



Fancì club

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