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Reflection in the Dark

She’s a stranger to herself, blinded by the diffidence and lost in demureness. But not for long when she starts looking in the mirror, she is enlightened by the treasure in her body. Oh! the curves and edges. Her eyes point at the glazing reflection, contemplating the whole milky way of softness and arduity. Time freezes from the moment she starts familiarising herself with the figure in the mirror. Every inch of her soul, every ounce of her breath, she must be a sort of dreamer. Yet it’s not an illusion, her beauty is factual. Her heartbeat ticks past the hours until the wind brings back the presence. 

Midnight Stray Thought

Dear darling,  I love such velvet nights like today. As I’m lying on my bed, my mind was still encapsulated in our eternal classic dialogue, our precious time being together. While drowning deep in your eyes, my existence became lucid, my mind becomes enlightened by your truth. I learned to see through myself, to admit that our love is inevitable. Love flows in our blood vessels and infiltrates our faith. Our rendezvous is the orchestration of life’s creator. Beauty flourished in my eyes, life filled my soul.  It’s been less than an hour but I have longed for your being. The fact I have experienced rebirth while listening to the songs you recommended to me is evidence, of a premonition of destiny. Today, I’d like to write you poems, to paint you yet there are no words, no colours to so do because there are so many other tangible forms of my love. Oh, my darling-

Easy Rider

This is the journey back to the 2000s. Back to the era where girls and bikes are the ultimate eye candy. Flashy garments and chunky accessories are best friends of the contemporary chic girls. They live in the moment, and enjoy life to its fullest. Once they speed up on the highway, life is no longer dull and suddenly become so colorful, as they flash by them in a blink of an eye.


On a day that feels just like any other, two female aliens fell into the Earth. They found themselves in a small jungle that is embraced by a body of water that they had never seen before. Fused with the plants and trees are tall skyscrapers that resemble their home planet. As they are wandering around on their bike, trying to blend in, they find an exotic spiky fruit that they are fascinated with and carry around. Overwhelmed with the newfound wonders of the Earth, they are considering a long vacation here.

Under A Microscope

Diving into the study of Wrinkles, one can look at the human skin textures under a microscope. Under a seemingly smooth and perfect surface, the intricacies of the skin are revealed in a minuscule vision. Such micro details make up an entire universe on its own, consisting of countless stars and planets that one cannot fathom; just like the existence of endless hidden beauties that are often looked over. The gesture of looking within is an appreciation for such quiet treasures in life. The attraction for the exterior is natural, but it takes an undying lust for life to look through the surface, and into the rawest form of living things.

Portrait of a Wild Lady

A wild lady is lounging lazily in her lavish home. Draped in the most breathtaking clothing, she is not in the least bothered with the rigid standards of the norm, and living strictly to her own rules. We can have a peek at her heavenly youthful body, through the sheer bold scarlet fabric. So many spectacles in her house, from an outrageously huge hat to a little black dress that bares it all. Nevertheless, the most precious thing of all, her ever enigmatic mind, is kept safe somewhere deep in her own tiny universe. .

Season of Glass

The girls embark on a journey of purification. It’s been a while since they last uttered a word to someone. Thoughts piled up just like their laundry at home. As they step outside, their hair gets soaked in a summer sprinkle. They hold hands and embrace each other’s delicate wet bodies, whispering their deepest secrets. The chaotic sounds from the city inspire in them rhythmic movements, and they swing their bodies to this eccentric sound of music. Reaching a climactic revelation, their souls are cleansed.

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